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June 2nd & 3rd, 2018 – USA Archery Coaching Certification Class – June 2018


About USA Archery Coaching Certification Program: 

Archery Instructors and Coaches are the foundation of USA Archery’s grassroots programs, and athlete development pipeline. Obtaining your certification not only provides you with valuable knowledge and hands-on skills, but also boosts the marketing value of your program. Instructor and Coach Certifications are recognized by both USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association.


Level 1 Instructor: A Level 1 Instructor is most closely associated with a “grassroots” program that is short-term in scope and focused on introducing basic archery skills to beginners. Such programs would include: camps, Scouting, 4-H, and Parks and Recreation.

  • Course content: Range safety, range set-up, basic equipment setup and repair, and how to teach the basic steps of shooting.
    Length of Course: 4-12 hours
  • Prerequisites**: Minimum age: 15
  • Certification period: Three years
  • Level 1 Course is not required to attend the Level 2 Course


Level 2 Instructor: A Level 2 Instructor works with a more established archery program such as J.O.A.D., A.S.A.P., college clubs and local clubs with a strong beginner component. Level 2 Instructors are also certified to teach Level 1 courses. Current Level 2 Instructors with a successful background screen are eligible for insurance benefits.

  • Course Content: Basic shooting steps, introduce intermediate shooting steps, safety, range set-up; equipment setup and repair, fitting equipment to an archer, how to teach archery and how to teach a Level 1Instructor Course.
  • Prerequisites: Minimum age: 18, USA Archery or NFAA membership (See Membership Details), Successful background screen, successful completion of SafeSport training.Please note: No certification will be processed without membership and a successful background screen.
  • Certification period: Three years.
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